Quality Branding Irons

Flying 45 Branding Irons is a small, family owned business focused on helping protect livestock throughout the United States and beyond from theft and loss, while helping ranchers tie together their operation with a distinct brand, or logo. We aim to be a nationally recognized fore-runner in the branding iron industry, creating not only high quality, exhibit-worthy works of art that are used on ranches and farms for decades, but also providing our customers with excellent graphic design capabilities. In addition, our copper-alloy brands can be used both to freeze brand, and hot brand, making them the perfect choice to brand both livestock and wood, leather, etc. We're the only brand manufacturer out there that actually uses our own product, and every freeze brand we sell comes with detailed instructions on our proven branding method. 

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Branding Irons

We specialize in hand-crafted, usable works of art that will last your lifetime. We love helping ranchers and livestock owners protect their assets.  

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Freeze Branding

There‚Äôs a lot of buzz about freeze branding, and for good reason. It's a great way to protect your livestock from theft or loss. 

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FArrier Service

With over eighteen years of experience in the industry, Flying 45 Forge is a full-service professional horseshoeing service.

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